Since 1996 all candidates wishing to take a practical driving test must first pass a multiple choice theory test. In September 2007 the number of questions was increased to 50. The candidate has to answer 50 questions and get a minimum of 43 correct, in 57 minutes, to pass.

In addition, since November 2002, candidates must also pass the Hazard Perception test. This test is run straight after the theory part of the examination has finished, and consists of 14 video clips, each 1 minute long. In the clips there are 15 hazards (1 clip will have two hazards but the candidate will not know which one). The candidate must spot the developing hazard at the earliest opportunity to pass.

The two tests count as one examination. If one test is failed, then the candidate will have to re-take them both.

There are 158 centres throughout the U.K, administered on behalf of the DSA, conducting a computer based 'touch screen' test.

We offer full in-car Theory Training. We also provide you with CD ROMs to help.

Sitting the Theory Exam
Theory Test CD-Rom

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